companyWe are a dedicated team committed to reducing on-road risk for fleet operators and the driver community by developing, and providing risk identifying information coupled with behaviour changing solutions and preventative forecasting, enabling fleet operators to establish an accountable and structured solution to driver management.

What We Do:

DriveRisk collects data via state-of-the-art video event recorders and "on-the-road" caller reports. This is analysed and managed to create focused risk profiles of drivers. Using industry-leading parameters, the data is transformed into effective corrective coaching tools and predictive analytics. This provides the fleet operator with 24/7 comprehensive risk status of the entire fleet and drivers.

DriveRisk is increasingly recognised as one of the South African industry leaders in the field of driver behaviour management. It is the umbrella company within which a core number of fleet management-related services and products are developed and managed. DriveRisk's services are endorsed and recognised by South African insurance underwriters.

DriveRisk is proudly affiliated to:

The Road Freight Association SABOA