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Fatigue and distracted driving monitoring solution with an audible alarm that increases in volume and frequency to force a driver to take note of his dangerous fatigue level and stop the vehicle before a possible collision

The ability of a driver to self-assess his fatigue level diminishes as he grows more tired. A vast number of accidents are the direct result of fatigue and driver distraction, placing a burden on the transport industry, already under the strain of a challenged economy.

DriveAlert recognises fatigue and distracted driving by monitoring a driver’s retinas and face.

Using the PERCLOS measure of alertness, it detects fatigue even before the driver closes his eyes. The unit looks like a camera, but incorporates a high-end infrared camera, microprocessor, memory modules and alarm system.

  • Able to operate under all weather conditions
  • Infra red when driving at night
  • Not affected by drivers wearing glasses as well as sunglasses
  • Functions with drivers of all skin colours
  • Driver’s vision will not be obscured or blocked in any way
  • The unit can be configured to start monitoring at a specific speed interval of either 20km/h, 30km/h or 45km/h.
  • The unit will be installed into a tamper proof case and then mounted in position to avoid driver tampering / setting adjustment / power disconnection etc
  • Components can operate between -10 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius
  • Alarm sensitivity and volume is adjustable

DriveAlert can operate as a stand-alone system or activate DriveCam and send video footage of fatigue and distracted driving incidents.