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The world's leading driver behaviour management system. Proven Technology that offers tangible results.

The DriveCam Programme - powered by the Lytx engine - identifies, prioritises and helps prevent the causes of poor driving before they lead to a collision. This “programmatic approach” helps clients transform their safety culture and ensures bottom-line results: preventing collisions, fraudulent claims and wasted operating expenses - while protecting their drivers and their brand. Proven to protect over 450,000 drivers in more than 500 fleets, DriveCam powered by Lytx delivers results. Major fleet operators turn to DriveCam year after year because they realise millions in savings and indirect benefits.

Ensuring your programme is on track, DriveCam Programme reviews provide benchmarking and best practices specific to your operations and industry. In addition, proprietary video and data analysis provide a complete profile of drivers and driving, allowing for objective comparisons of driver to driver, site to site, region to region and company to industry. With DriveCam, ongoing improvement in driver efficiency becomes a reality. The dynamic and positive communication it creates between driver and manager brings benefits to the entire fleet, as well as to other road users. The DriveCam software provides all the data needed to implement a driver-incentive programme. With every driver being scored on a daily basis, management can reward the fleet’s top drivers, based on accurate and unbiased driver-performance.

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