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The original, efficient and affordable monitoring service that works for you - 24/7, from anywhere!

A fleet operator's company and fleet information are captured on our monitoring service database. A decal is placed onto the company vehicles inviting the motoring public to report on the driving behaviour. Our professional, unbiased operators receive the call and use an AARTO based scoring matrix to assess the incident. Details of the incident including date, time, location, road & weather conditions are logged and immediately communicated to management in summary via SMS & in detail on e-mail and a web based client portal.

After subscribers have been notified, a confirmation SMS is sent to the caller including a link to which the caller can upload any photographic footage they may have taken of the incident.

This real time response enables effective and timeous corrective action and immediate customer satisfaction. Notices can be echoed to different managers or departments to ensure follow-up. Mechanical faults can be copied to the workshop.

All reports are accumulated and posted daily onto our secure website creating a history and individual reports available to management online. These reports include live trending, driver and vehicle profiling. Subscribers use a password controlled login to access their data. Access is structured for individual depot, branch or corporate level enabling comparatives between these business units.

The DriveReport monitoring solution enables the fleet operator to maintain and manage renewals for both the vehicles and drivers through configurable alerts, appearing visually and through immediate and monthly reports. Fleet and driver information can be maintained on excel spreadsheets by utilising our import / export functionality and documents can be uploaded to an individual vehicle or driver.

The DriveReport monitoring solution is efficient, affordable, easy-to-use and offers fleet operators access to essential reports to help identify, analyse and manage their on-road risk. The monitoring service can be utilised as a free-standing management tool or integrated with the DriveCam Lytx Programme.

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